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G  E   T   T   I   N   G       F   I   T       F   O   R       L   I   F  E

 About Boot Camp

What can I expect from Boot Camp?
Boot camp uses interval, circuit, and aerobic training. It will burn fat, tone muscle, improve posture, build strength and endurance, and build confidence. You work out your arms, legs, and core using exercises that incorporate your whole body. Boot camp can get you into the best shape of your life. As one of my campers stated, "I am stronger, faster, and leaner"
A typical day includes a warm up, stretches, the 'workout', cool down, a possible game or challenge, and finishing stretches.

Why is Boot Camp more effective then other exercise programs?
Boot camps varying routines are intense sessions that offer a variety of exercises, and challenge every muscle in your body. By rapidly moving from one exercise to the next, with minimal breaks, you can get a cardiovascular workout while simultaneously toning your muscles. And, you burn lots of calories. Its fun, varied, motivating, produces amazing results, and meets at a fantastic location.

What if I only have a limited time to work out?
Boot camp's 45 minutes workouts allow you to do strength training and aerobic training in a single workout, which is very efficient when you have a limited time to work out.   

What if I have trouble staying motivated?
The camaraderie, the intensity of the workout, and the variety of exercises and formats that are continually new and changing, makes boot camp a fantastic experience. One of the best aspects of boot camp is the value of group exercise; you will form friendships within your group.  This will help you to stick to your workout program as it provides you with an instant support group and accountability partners.  Also, when you exercise with a team, it encourages you to work harder than you would be able to individually.  

What if I have trouble pushing myself?
Having a trainer there to push you has real benefits. A  fitness professional will encourage you to go further and accelerate you to meet your fitness goals.

Is Boot Camp expensive?
Boot camp is also much more cost effective than hiring a personal trainer. A personal trainer can charge anywhere from $50-$100 an hour. Because boot camp is offered to a group, you are able to get the benefit of a personal trainer at a much more affordable rate. A 4 week session costs $99.

Where is boot camp?
Boot camp is held outdoors year round on the beach at Biddeford Pool at one of the following locations: Fortunes Rocks, Middles, Bathhouse, or the park by the boat landing. The exact location will depend on the tide level, and will be emailed to those enrolled in the program. We meet rain, snow, or shine...in the dark, and as the sun rises.

What types of exercises do we do?
There is a large variety of body weight exercises which may include variations on squats, push-ups, jumps, and minimal running. Occasionally, we work out with tires, weights, sandbags, jump ropes, etc to keep it exciting! There are also group games and challenges.

What if I am not physically fit?
Boot camp can be shaped to meet the needs of all ages, and fitness levels.

Do I need to bring anything?
All equipment, including mats,  will be provided for you. You can bring water, but it is a good idea not to eat or drink much water right before coming to the workout. It is important to be well hydrated by drinking plenty(at least 8 cups/day) of water throughout the day, especially in the summer months.

How Do I Enroll?
Either email or call us to join a session.
About Your Trainer:

Dana Johnson is a certified health coach. She decided to become a health coach to fulfill her passion of working with others and help them improve their lives through health, nutrition and exercise.  
She works with her clients to help them overcome health challenges and helps them understand the extent to which nutrition and exercise can effect our lives. She views health in a holistic way and encourages her clients to improve other areas in their lives such as relationships and careers. 
Dana received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. She offers individual health and nutritional counseling to clients who are looking to lose weight, reduce their stress, eat healthier foods, and manage their daily lives. She also offers workshops, cooking classes,  fitness programs to the public. 
She loves boot camp and runs all the classes,  Dana loves what boot camp has to offer people of different fitness levels, the way it sets your day up for healthy choices, and the happiness it brings her and her clients.  Clients start their day feeling great and with a smile on their face!