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B I D D E F O R D   S A C O   B O O T   C A M P 


In the first four weeks I lost 8.5 pounds, my clothes were much looser and I was seeing muscle definition where there was none. After 1 year and I have lost 32 pounds. I feel stronger than I have ever been in my life!-Scott

My flabby arms have turned muscular. My post-baby belly is almost gone. I feel much better about myself and I feel mentally stronger.I am truly in the best shape of my life.-Dana

Boot Camp has had an incredible impact on my strength, stamina and self-confidence. In addition to loosing weight, I have noticed a definite increase in my muscle tone, endurance and flexibility. -Amy

"I am 54 years old. At first I thought, 'Ill never be able to do this'! BUT I CAN DO THIS! I have lost almost 30lbs. The camaraderie is great, everyone is very positive. I eat much better, I am more energetic, I sleep better and my stress is less.-Sharon

Boot camp is a fast, fun, and incredibly challenging 45 minutes. And, the beach setting is absolutely wonderful. I come to Boot Camp not only for the workout but for the camaraderie. We all have fun working together and pushing each other.-Tammy

"When I started Boot Camp last summer at the ripe age of 57, I never thought I would be able to keep up with the youngsters. While being one of the hardest physical challenges that I've tried, sticking to this program has made a tremendous difference not only my physical strength but also on my mental outlook on life.-Marysue

It gives me energy to conquer what the rest of the day brings!" –Becky

In four weeks, I've lost four pounds, nearly seven percent body fat and two inches around my waist. Boot Camp creates challenging, but fun, workouts to keep your fitness routine fresh.-Emma

Motivational words, encouragement and genuine care for your success makes boot camp worth every penny!!-Jenny

My body and mind have both benefited from the variety of workouts and the camaraderie that comes with Boot Camp. What a sense of accomplishment-Michelle

Keeping the energy level high and work out intense, while still having fun. This can be a springboard to a healthy lifestyle or, for those of you that are already fit, a new challenge”.- Samantha

With Killer workouts I always leave the session feeling energized and strong(and the perfect amount of sore). I always feel like a million bucks and all the people are just so nice!”-Katelyn

I love that its always new and challenging. Dana definitely pushes you but doesn't make you feel bad if you can't do something(she'll just give you something else to do). By far one of the best decisions I've made for my mental and physical health! -Jenny

I have been doing boot camp for about six months now and am amazed at the changes to my health. I've lost weight, I’m stronger, faster, more flexible, have more energy, eat better and sleep better.-Laurie

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